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Thanks so much for taking the time to check on our website. Here at better daze records, we’ve decided to create a website that will enable you to gain additional knowledge on the topic of record labels as well as grabbing a few tips here and there to assist and capturing a record label for yourself or your band.

We just recently started the site, so please bear with us as we slowly add up content to ensure proper content and information is distributed effectively on our website.

If you never attempted to grab yourself a record label, you likely are in for a treat. The objective with this website is to help you gain a better knowledge on record label deals as well as hidden little tips to further increase your chances of receiving a record label contract.

We are constantly updating this website, and if you feel that there is a valuable resource online that we have missed, please feel free to message us via our contact form and we will update the website as fast as humanly possible.

Above all else, thank you so much for doing the time to go to website and we hope you’ll stay with us for a long time.

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